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Located on the right of DuongDong beach.

Phu Quoc: Situated in the Gulf of Thai Land, Phu quoc island is 45 km from Ha Tien, 120 km from Rach Gia by sea; and it is a district of Kien Giang Province in Viet Nam. Phu Quoc has a natural area of 593 sp km, with a population of over 75,000 peoples, a length of 50 km of which the widest area is 25 km, 99 hills going up and down.
Really, it is an island endowed with a great potentiality of tourism, seafood, and well-known as the biggest island district of Viet Nam, under the name a " Pearl of the Southern sea area".

Phu Quoc, an evergreen island: Taking a look from the airplane to Phu Quoc jungles, people can comtemplate a variety of resplendent green colours that mix altogether, creating a splendid landscape. Phu Quoc is surrouned by the sea, but thanks to its forests and woods, there are rivers, waterfalls, streams, sweet water source. The jungles occupy 70% of the island area with more that 500,000 ha, of which 9,500 is for special use with rare and precious vegetation and animals. According to incomplete statistics, animails in Phu Quoc contains 150 different species, 120 branches and 69 families. Recently, two rare and precious species have been found: Wolf and White monkey. One more interesting is that, all forestry ecosystems existing in Viet Nam have als been found in Phu Quoc island. Therefore, protection of Phu Quoc forest means maintaining for Viet Nam a " Forest Museum".

Duong Dong undergoing a big change:Dong Duong is the township of Phu Quoc island District, where many new foundation projects for the island city have been carried out, consisting of a general planning of Doung Dong townlet, the Eastern residential area of the airport, 29 newly built urban traffic ways, together with the districts stadium, the kindergarden, the broad panel cluster introducing the plan of Ba Keo ecilogical sea-side tourist area, aimed at attracting investment, which is expectd to bring into play the forest and sea advantages, speed up the urbanisation, while maintaining an archtectural spac full of the island primary colours

Facilities & Services

10 International standard room
 Laudry services
Air-con , fan, satellite , IDD phone and privated bathroom with hot shower.
Special discount for long-term, regular guests & group


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